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Unicorn Mask Review. The Cutest Way to Spook Your Friends

During Halloween, it really pays to be different, which is why you should consider wearing a magical unicorn mask this year. Sure, we may still have a month to worry about the shopping and all, but nothing beats being prepared as early as now. When we talk about different masks and costumes to go with it, we oftentimes have issues finding the perfect pair. Luckily, the unicorn mask goes with everything… and by everything, I mean everything.

The beauty about living in the "now" generation is the innovations we experience on a regular basis. Take unicorn mask and horse heads for example, who would have thought you can buy these masks both on retail stores and online? Back then, these highly detailed masks are only available to people working in movie sets but today it is massively produced and available worldwide. So, the question is, are these unicorn mask heads are worth the purchase, or should I wait for better options?Trick or Treat?One thing that we should always remember when it comes to shopping for big masks is the fit and comfort it brings when we wear it for a long period of time.

There are different factors to consider when you buy a unicorn mask such as the dimensions and available head room especially if you have a different head shape and size. Luckily, most of these masks come in different sizes to accommodate different individuals.Buying these masks in retail stores is easy as you can literally try them on. When buying these masks online, on the other hand, the real trick is to get the accurate measurements and size charts so you can make that purchase. Or what you could do is to check a retail store and check the treats, compare prices, and buy once you have all the information you need.

The Good

unicorn maskIf you are looking to spook your friends in a way they've never experienced before, the realistic texture and appearance of the unicorn mask will definitely fool anyone who has never seen one. Because of the latex materials, a lot of customers have agreed that it fits most heads - even adults - and it has its way of making sure it is snugged perfectly on your head.The fur mane is so realistic, it can spook you out at times you are not wearing it. So if you are looking for the perfect mask to use for parties and trick or treats, the unicorn mask will definitely guarantee sleepless nights from your victims. If that is not enough, perhaps pairing the unicorn head with a wizard's cloak or a skeleton shirt will take spooky to a whole new level.


The Bad

To be totally honest, the only catch most people see with these unicorn heads is the sizing. Since the size chart is the best way to indicate if it will fit you perfectly or not, some people actually complain it's not as fit as they have wanted it to be, leaving them one-eyed or worse. Surely, these are just temporary setbacks especially now that different sizes will soon be established. But for the meantime, if you have tried one in a retail store and you find that it doesn't fit well, chances are you will be disappointed with the current stocks available at the moment. So for the meantime, maybe you should consider dressing up as someone - or something - else. The unicorn mask is really a disturbing piece of Halloween costume; so if it fits you good, hang on to it because you have a keeper right there.

The Verdict

When it comes to Halloween costumes, it really pays to have a different set of costumes readily available the moment you need it. If you are the type of person who would rather buy costumes every year than recycling, then you probably won't be benefiting with magical unicorn mask heads. However, if you have the patience and confidence to wear the same unicorn mask every Halloween and reinvent yourself by wearing different outfits annually, then you got something going there.The bottom line is that not everyone would actually enjoy wearing a horse-head mask but there are always people willing to go the extra mile just to make a tremendous impact on a Halloween party. If you want to automatically stand out from the norm, you can expect your magical unicorn mask to do just that.


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